Organized Chaos pays respect to an artist who's influence was heard across genres, Ric Ocasek. Join us at the top of the show @ 00:00 UTC as we pay respect.

because what's the point of an awesome 3d printer if you can't make kids happy with it?


my printer is the only object that i own that i actively resent owning.


At the end of a trip every day feels like Sunday...


All of this pedestrian volume was squished onto that narrow sidewalk a month ago.

When you take space away from cars no one can fathom going back to the old way.


If you're too poor for A/C, here's what I did when I was also too poor for A/C. Copper tubing attached to fan with zip ties. Plastic tubing attached to fishtank pump, submerged in beer cooler full of ice water. Cold water runs through the pipes and makes 'em frostycold, fan blows frostycold at hot people. Works pretty well! Lots of guides online on how to make one. Put a towel on the floor in front of it, lots of condensation.

And endlessly swirling water fountain in PiaΘ›a Sfatului, BraΘ™ov, RomΓ’nia.

walking distance from the pub is the only acceptable place to live

Calling the chat app that lets your boss ask you to do work on Saturday "Slack" is some peak tech industry bullshit.

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