Hey everyone. I have been over at @tomasino for the last fe years. I'm migrating here. If the migration asks you for a follow again, that's why.

Is your new instance a good one? I have a few back-up accounts too for cases when a particular instance goes down.

@bradfonseca @tomasino so far so good. I really like the SDF instance local timeline. The people that flock to SDF are pretty damn awesome.

Since I run a few tilde servers and am active in the tildeverse I thought it made sense to try this home next. This is actually my 7th home on Mastodon and by far the smoothest transition. The software has matured quite a bit.

@tomasino Just jumping in here ...

I'm old-school, programming since 1978. I've heard of tilde.town, and have a login on tildes.net

I have questions.

Is there a connection between them?

Exactly what *is* tilde.town? I've asked many times and people say "It's a server you can log in to". That doesn't answer the question I have, but I don't know what else then to ask.

Finally, is there anywhere I can read about what tilde.town actually is?


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@ColinTheMathmo @bradfonseca @tomasino sure. Tilde.town is a public access Unix system modeled after the style of tilde.club. It started in 2014 and is currently closed to new registrations due to size. It's part of the tildeverse, a collective of these types of servers that share some services and team up where appropriate. Each is individually run and some are themed. Check out the members page on tildeverse.org to see what each offers. They're all free and welcoming.

@tomasino Thanks for that ... I'll go & read more. Very likely my questions will only be formed if I actually join & play, & likely the questions will then be moot. But I'm reluctant to join yet another time sink without having some sense of the community I'm joining.

Your description is probably accurate, but for where I'm coming from, it's really not helpful, except that it has links to chase.

I'll go chase them & come back if/when I have clearer questions.


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@ColinTheMathmo @bradfonseca @tomasino we provide users accounts to shared systems with public services like web, gopher, gemini, games, BBS's, and more. They're mini communities of various flavors. Check out cosmic.voyage to see an example of a themed tilde that I run.

@tomasino There must be something I'm missing. I have a linux box .. more than one, actually. I can log in to that and use lynx, gopher, etc. I can install games if I want to. When there are BBSs out there I can connect to them.

I guess I'm missing why I would log in to someone else's *nix box and do these things. I guess I don't understand how there is a community to join.

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@ColinTheMathmo @bradfonseca @tomasino I suppose it's a bit difficult to explain. I'd recommend checking out tilde.club or tilde.team and trying out some of the services and activities there. It may not be for you or maybe experiencing it first hand will explain what I can't.


That is quite the awesome conversation thread flowchart! How did you generate it? 🤓

@tomasino@tilde.zone @tomasino

@bradfonseca I wrote a thing ...

I wrote a script to extract the data about, and the data in, a node, then to chase the connections and recurse. Then a script to generate a dot file.

I've done the same for Twitter, and have a discussion mediation system to use in place of email, all using the same idea that DiGraphs are immensely powerful for the right things.



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