Walked Boxnoggin (again) after dinner, dealt with ants in the mailbox (again), unleashed cordless weed trimmer on patio (again) and still this fucking character won’t talk.

If he makes me fold laundry I will drop a story-rock on him.

He showed up before I wanted him there, made a cryptic pronouncement, and is now hanging out on a rooftop.

This character does not understand that I am the goddess of his entire universe and I WILL DELETE HIM IF NECESSARY.


@lilithsaintcrow $SPOUSE does that writing thing you do. From her experience with obstreperous characters, it's not you who's in control. Even if this character doesn't defeat you (and he probably will) any small vestige remaining will capture the hearts and minds of your fanbase and you'll be forced to write a sequel with him as the main protagonist.

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