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Is nothing sacred?

Thankfully, I'm not an Ubuntu user. Does a default Ubuntu install include MOTD?

It is the kind of thing I would expect from Microsoft or Apple, disappointing to see Ubuntu doing it.

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Unless someone has actively removed the script, it will likely exist in any distro based on Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu is such an absolute mess. I wish the world would just dump it and go either Debian or Fedora or derivatives.

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Meanwhile, in land, motd is just /etc/motd and nothing else.

There is a reason why I never install Ubuntu on anything, unless I cannot avoid it (usually because required to do so at $WORK).

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I suppose, but Debian should be easy and comfortable for Ubuntu users. When it was the new hot thing, I tried out Ubuntu, and it just seemed like a crappier version of Debian-Testing where fewer packages worked correctly. I don't get how it rose to it's current position of default distro.

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There is only one reason Ubuntu rose (as you say) to be more popular than Debian: because it incorporated proprietary stuff, such as NVidia drivers and proprietary firmwares, that Debian refused to incorporate in the base system.

This meant that you could buy any PC you wanted and install Ubuntu on it, being reasonably sure everything would work.

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Ubuntu happily took the proprietary nob and 9 months later gave birth to a phone, but alas, it was stillborn

I recently read a review of the pine phone. With some work, the guy made it nearly usable. I think this one will be the real thing.

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I was about to say this exact same thing.
1) they maintain more packages than debian
2) you can opt out of being entirely gnu, if you wish

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@tfb @fitheach @trebach @gemlog @ParadeGrotesque @blocknonip with Debian you are choosing between "Packages that are literally outdated for years" and "anything can break at any moment and also you don't get security updates guarantee" (testing). Also you need to find all the non-free stuff and compile/install it so that your PC works fine.
There is a reason Ubuntu exists.

Absolutely. It's just that there is a difference between what is acceptable on a desktop or on a server.
On a server you don't care if a given package is out of date as long as it works and doesn't have security holes. You don't care (usually) about having the latest non-free drivers and codecs.
My own desktop and that of my friends has ubuntu upstream (neon).
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I don't see this as being "evil". After all we're fetching packages from them as well. The message they pass isn't anything terrible and it's trivial to disable. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@blocknonip the most identifying thing it sends is a "cloud-id" (and an IP address, technically), which isn't set at all unless you use cloud-init tools to bootstrap your server. This is used to notify for vulnerabilities such as Spectre and Meltdown, among other practical and reasonable uses. It's like they take their business seriously or something


You're neglecting the fact tgat the other minor factors add up to create a more unique "fingerprint"

What are some of those other practical and reasonable uses?



A lot of words and none address the sending of info which we are talking about


@blocknonip yeah, that's how they are able to show the "news" (actually ads) but luckily it's a matter of deleting a few files to fix this:


@robert Those only work after the system is up and running. For many organizations, it is not acceptable for Ubuntu to be enumerating our networks.

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