@tastytentacles @blocknonip mobile web browsers were a mistake, should've stuck with WAP/WML

@bhtooefr @blocknonip IDK I used to be really fond of the Internet but more and more recently I am starting to feel like the whole web architecture (websites that boil down to shoddy software written in lack luster languages) was a mistake.

then again I might just be having a bad day.

@tastytentacles @blocknonip there's a reason why I went on a purge of all JavaScript and CSS on my personal website

@bhtooefr is your personal website just a plain html document? I can get behind that, that's pretty nifty.

@tastytentacles plain HTML front page, WordPress with a heavily modified theme to remove all the JavaScript and CSS bullshit for the blog (although I still need to tune it right for mobile...)

@tastytentacles @blocknonip How. How to you critize the very base concept of being able to check the web on your phone without installing a much more invasive app when the real problem here is:
Bad practice for trying to force people to pay. Bad solution for cookie warning.

It's not a bad idea. It's bad website design

@freyja_wildes mostly I was joking, because the vast majority of mobile sites are garbage and small touch screens are a garbage interface for exploring web pages.

Your right that it's bad design but good design is also not incentivised so we don't really get anything better.

@tastytentacles Sorry... I have an issue understanding jokes... I'm too serious.

I see your point thought. Thanks

@freyja_wildes it's fine, jokes are mostly context and there wasn't really any for you to work from.

@tastytentacles Thanks for your understanding. I feel a bit silly though.

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