@tastytentacles @blocknonip mobile web browsers were a mistake, should've stuck with WAP/WML

@bhtooefr @blocknonip IDK I used to be really fond of the Internet but more and more recently I am starting to feel like the whole web architecture (websites that boil down to shoddy software written in lack luster languages) was a mistake.

then again I might just be having a bad day.

@tastytentacles @blocknonip there's a reason why I went on a purge of all JavaScript and CSS on my personal website

@bhtooefr is your personal website just a plain html document? I can get behind that, that's pretty nifty.

@tastytentacles plain HTML front page, WordPress with a heavily modified theme to remove all the JavaScript and CSS bullshit for the blog (although I still need to tune it right for mobile...)

@tastytentacles @blocknonip How. How to you critize the very base concept of being able to check the web on your phone without installing a much more invasive app when the real problem here is:
Bad practice for trying to force people to pay. Bad solution for cookie warning.

It's not a bad idea. It's bad website design

@freyja_wildes mostly I was joking, because the vast majority of mobile sites are garbage and small touch screens are a garbage interface for exploring web pages.

Your right that it's bad design but good design is also not incentivised so we don't really get anything better.

@tastytentacles Sorry... I have an issue understanding jokes... I'm too serious.

I see your point thought. Thanks

@freyja_wildes it's fine, jokes are mostly context and there wasn't really any for you to work from.

@tastytentacles Thanks for your understanding. I feel a bit silly though.

@blocknonip@mastodon.sdf.org The web period in 2018.  I have a 2k screen that constantly gets filled up with shit from those kinds of sites.

Someone make an Indiana Jones GIF avoiding booby traps, but all the traps are mobile ads instead.

@blocknonip โ€ฆ looks so much better when you press the "Readability" button

My experience with web and mobile development is that most of the people making the decisions donโ€™t actually use their own products.

@blocknonip Take a look at the actual HTML spit out by the Economist's site, if you really want to feel disgusted

Helps you focus on where you are on the page, rather than having to scan all over to find where you last left off, when you look away.

If you want to learn electronic music production with open-source software and Linux, you can now watch the entire process behind my d'n'b track "Bodacious" on YouTube.
It has won me a MOD Duo, so you know it's good ;)

#dnb #drumandbass #musicproduction #opensourceaudio #opensourcemusicians #linuxaudio

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