Received my autographed copy of LUNARCY today! 🎉 signed by the one and only @publius himself who was one of the stars of this Canadian documentary! publius even included some really cool LUNA PROJECT goodies! 🚀🌔✨ The space stamps on the box r very cool! 🧑‍🚀👍

THANK U SO MUCH publius! 🙏

LUNARCY documentary, a review:

publius' LUNA PROJECT:

publius also has show on "HEAR NOW THE WORDS" Tues & Fri 1500-1600 UTC


@snowdusk__ aww shit! if i mail my copy back will you autograph it, too @publius ?

@black6 @snowdusk__

Alternatively I guess I could autograph a new disc label, so that you could apply that over the existing label. That would save postage anyway.

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