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First time for a while going to the office on a Friday, so here's a light blue with a Victoria , a.k.a the big brother of the four-in-hand.

First time using it, got this on a sale a couple of months ago when the malls first opened up after the lockdown.

My rough green silk with a Siam . This time it ended up in a way that really slows the relationship to the Christensen and Manhattan knots, with the length of tie from the first "wrap around" showing to the right in the picture going down under the final "tuck".

This morning, green with a Christensen .

This is now one of the knots I can do from memory. With my rotation, that's otherwise difficult. Thinking of coming up with a mnemonic system based on the Fink-Yong classification system.

Managed to get out of town this long weekend. Or well, I didn't manage anything. The licensed tour guide I happen to be married to sorted everything out.

In a departure from using only the Siam knot lately, here is my elephant pattern yellow with a Christensen .

Back to the office again. There was no picture this Monday as that was a holiday.

Here's a green Naga pattern with a Siam .

This rainy Monday morning I'm wearing a yellow with a Siam .

Given that this is currently my go-to knot, but it's not commonly described (and I came up with the name myself), maybe I should put instructions somewhere.

In the meanwhile, it's knot 26 here:

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