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Today a blue with which I managed to make a Victoria with the normal ending. A decent choice if you want an unpretentious knot in the style of a four-in-hand hand, but one of those would stand out as small for the tie you have.

Today, a brown with a Victoria .

For a change I tried making the Victoria with the normal ending, passing the final fold through only one loop, but found that for a thin tie like this it was more difficult than the alternative ending, so went back to this.

Today, my green naga pattern with a Victoria . I've not really had the drive to mix up my knots lately, so another break from these posts may be coming up.

However, today the photo turned out quite nice (for a phone photo), so here we are.

Today a pink with a Kelvin . Made it less tight than I've done with these stiff ties before, which makes it a bit more pointy, but also more asymmetric.

Today I'm wearing a blue with a Victoria .

Like with the Kelvin knot the last few days, I've used the alternative ending with the final fold through the last two loops.

This makes them quite similar when used with a thin tie like this, though maybe this one is slightly more tube shaped. On a thicker tie this one would be more noticeably less pointy.

Here is an orange with a Kelvin .

With this tie this still looks small, but not tiny like a regular oriental knot would.

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Today, a pink with a Christensen . After using the smaller but somewhat similar looking Kelvin most of last week, this now feels rather large.

I made a blog post, even though it's less than a year since last time. My feelings after using for a bit over a month:

What that variant of the Kelvin that I've used the last few days look like with a thinner .

Today an orange with a Kelvin . The same knot as yesterday in other words, but on a more narrow tie.

Today I'm wearing a green with a Kelvin .

This does to the oriental knot what the Victoria does to the four-in-hand, that is adds an additional horizontal loop. So, it's an option if you want a more pointy or symmetric Victoria, or a larger oriental.

I used a variant where you do the final fold through two loops, instead of just the last one. This causes that bit sticking out below the knot which I think looks nice. This makes it look a bit like the Christensen, but smaller.

Today, a pink pattern with a Victoria .

As I've said before, this is a slight extension of a four-in-hand. An actual four-in-hand is probably hard to make look good with this thin fabric.

Today a yellow with a Nicky . This is kind of a compromise knot, similar to a four-in-hand but with an extra fold over the top, making it a bit more triangular, but still rather asymmetric, and smaller than a half-Windsor.

Today, a blue with a discrete half-Windsor .

Trying a new morning routine this week where I go straight from bed to to running, then have street food for breakfast, so this is pre-coffee.

(My old routine is and fruit first, then running.),

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