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Today I'm wearing a brown with a Kelvin . This knot is a continuation of the oriental, repeating the last horizontal loop an extra time. In this way it does to the oriental what the Victoria knot does to the four-in-hand.

Yes, that's still Christmas decorations on my balcony.

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Wearing a pink with a Plattsburgh today. By popular demand, also a half-figure portrait included for scale.

This morning I'm wearing a yellow with a Christensen .

Again wearing it relatively loose. Tried it three times to get the length right, something I'm usually too lazy for.

Wearing a blue with a Christensen today.

Today it's a bit loose. I'll admit this is the way I prefer it, and that when I have a tighter knot it's sometimes that the tie would otherwise be too short and I'm too lazy to start over from scratch.

Brown naga pattern with what's apparently called a rosebud . I expect you need a plain floppy tie to really get the floral impression, but I think it works regardless.

Instructions call for hiding the back behind the wide as normal, but when it's this short I think it looks better to just let it stick out.

Same green as last week, but this time with a half-Windsor .

As predicted a wedge-shaped knot made it easier to get the dimple right on this rather stiff silk tie.

Over the past few years I've noticed myself stopping to do custom tweaks on my own system, and instead working to fix the underlying issue for everyone.

I finally wrote my thoughts about this down in a more coherent form

Beneath a sunless sky. Wearing yellow with Hanover .

The PM 2.5 levels are similar to what they have been the last few weeks, but today it's really misty as well. This has apparently become normal now, so it's not a big media event. Consequently I barely see anyone but myself with N95 masks.

Using a green today with a Victoria today.

Possibly not the best choice for a stiff fabric tie like this, it was quite difficult to get the dimple right. Probably will stick to triangular knots for this one in the future.

Yellow with Christensen today.

As I'm fed up with my camera, but recently got a new phone with acceptable camera, you'll be getting phone snapshots instead of proper photos for a while I think.

Brown naga pattern today, with a Van Vijk . I plan to go to the Bangkok meetup tonight and want to make a splash.

Today I have a green with a Christensen .

Dropped my camera on the floor last week and now the auto white balance is off. That's why the photos from this week have a green/yellow tint.

I hate this anyway ( UX), so probably this is the last straw that will make me replace it.

Today I'm using a pink with a Christensen . I think it looks good for a fairly stiff tie like this.

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