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@alex I recommend editing that page with subtle hints that this is the same person as the one described on

@loke @wasamasa I expect we'll have to handle both for quite some time, as the MIME text/* types stipulate CRLF line endings.

@publicvoit I can dream. I wish Bangkok had the kind of laws for preserving old trees that for example Bombay has, it might be a bit nicer here.

I heard they plan to put some cables here underground, but then there will be no shade?!

@boilingsteam @sean I self-host it on . It's a bit sluggish but works for me and doesn't cost me anything in addition to the membership that I already have for web site hosting and such.

@brainblasted that's right, there is another thing called "portals" in Flatpak that lets applications embed the interface for that instead (similar to how mobile apps can ask for permissions for things), but I wouldn't hold my breath for Steam to add support for that.

@brainblasted you can give it access to certain directories. There is a GUI application called Flatseal for managing that kind of configuration.

@sexybiggetje actually it seems in the US they drop apostrophes in street/place names. In the UK it appears to be up to the sign maker.

You know what: it'd be great if people who need accessibility didn't go around calling other people's work "trash". I get it: accessibility is hard, and required for people to use a computer—but you know how proprietary platforms deal with it? They pay developers. You know what Linux users do for it? They fucking whine about it, and then they go out and say that any effort made is trash.

Well, guess what: stuff doesn't fix itself.

@liw I also have a travel checklist with other things like checking travel insurance, booking pickup if needed, &c. It's been a while since I've needed it now though.

@cassidyjames did you try Natron already?

It's also node based kind of, but it seems to aim for being an AE alternative so is maybe still more palatable?

@fribbledom Adobe uses Node running in an embedded Chromium as their plugin framework. At least that's how it works in Premiere and After Effects.

I did a proof-of-concept plugin in this at one point when that generation of their plugin system was in beta, which was interesting, especially considering it was my first and last professional "web dev" experience.

@ifixcoinops during that cleanup he found an old vacuum and went "oh no, I promised so and so to try to fix this, and that must have been ten years ago". He managed to get it working and drive it over to the owner, before we went back to continue the cleanup.

@ifixcoinops this thread reminds my of my grandfather who was an electrician and had an actual barn for his business that was full of stuff. When he retired in the early 90s I came to help him clean that out, as he moved to a new house with a truck garage that he set up as his new workshop.

@sean In my teens I read everything that was available in my local library by Dick. That was 40 or so novels mostly in Swedish translation. That's a pretty good selection you have there already, but here's my suggested reading list in order:

* Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
* The Man in the High Castle
* Ubik
* Galactic Pot-Healer
* The Collected Stories (multiple volumes, hard to make a list so just take them in order)

@clacke jag har flera gånger funderat på att ta mig an projektet att anpassa verktygen som producerar till svenska och applicera på lite böcker från Runebergprojektet.

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