@toastal I thought they meant swim fins :-). The people are Finns.

@toastal never been there. We just registered to go to Koh Samet in two weeks. They have a limit on the number of simultaneous visitors, and you have to register in advance, so I expect it will be nice and quiet once we get there.

Back to the office again. There was no picture this Monday as that was a holiday.

Here's a green Naga pattern with a Siam .

@lanodan @mewmew in the languages I've been S3:ing in, the "file" can also be a file-like object in memory.

@alexcleac @alciregi Flatpak is well supported on Fedora, so that might be a better/easier approach.

@clacke I've been using that unknowingly for some time as Fedora symlinks bzr to brz.

I noticed when one time I accidentally used a bzr command in a Git repo and was surprised that it worked.

@loke @mplammers @hund do you mean then the "sex partner" meaning, or the "sex act" meaning that SO has here: svenska.se/so/?id=25851

What surprised me here was that @hund went to the former as the primary meaning, which is a shift from what I remember.

@mplammers @hund I tried to look up the root and found this: "Iagh lät såsom een Trana och een Swala, och knulladhe såsom een Duffua" — Isaiah in the 1541 Swedish Bible.

I wonder if this is the root of the modern word.

A modern Swedish dictionary from 2009 (SO) has both forms, but only the "sexual act" meaning of the noun form, so the "sex partner" meaning is probably newer than that, or was at least rare ten years ago.

@mplammers @hund I can think of a few in English just off the top of my head: lay, ride, (one night) stand

@mplammers @hund in my vocabulary the primary meaning of the word is a sexual act, not a sex partner. But maybe the word has shifted in meaning while I've been abroad and/or not young.

@clacke I didn't know that but checked now. In the repo it seems files are checksummed and stored as individual objects, so there's no need for linking.

@clacke yes, Ostree/Flatpak uses hardlinks to link files from the repository to the container/image file system.

With Flatpak and rpm-ostree for example, I don't think a lot of different libraries would be a big issue. In rpm-ostree, you are at anyone time running a single coherent RPM installation, while with Flatpak, your applications are all problably using one of a fairly small number of "platform" packages.

@toastal I'm pretty happy with my Vietnamese style drip coffee maker. Goes well with the Thai grown medium roasts you can find in grocery stores. This kind of thing: lazada.co.th/products/i3167166

@danuker yes, I have a dedicated account for the debit card as well, separate from my salary account.

This rainy Monday morning I'm wearing a yellow with a Siam .

Given that this is currently my go-to knot, but it's not commonly described (and I came up with the name myself), maybe I should put instructions somewhere.

In the meanwhile, it's knot 26 here: tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/~tmf20/tiekn

@ocertat I do this, but keep one in a drawer at work and swap every two weeks.

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