@rclayton this one isn't very wide collar, it's more that I don't button it up.

@mike I've just started using @emacs after a 15 year break as well (based on my emacswiki.org edit history). I'm managing without Spacemacs/Doom or similar for now. It's a bit disorienting after that long with mostly Vim keybindings, but it's starting to come back to me.

@dzu @publicvoit @emacs that's what I do. The init.el that loads it is next to that configuration.org I linked to in GitLab.

@dzu @emacs I'm just picking up Emacs again after a 15 year (or something) break, and decided to do my new configuration in literate style, like so: gitlab.com/bkhl/dotfiles/-/blo

@dzu @emacs I have org-src-tab-acts-natively set, so tabs in code blocks should indent according to the language in the block.

Found that if I set org-edit-src-content-indentation to 0, that also eliminates this behaviour, while also removing the initial 2 characters indentation in the src blocks, which I think I prefer anyway.

Today, a brown Paisley necktie with a Diagonal knot.

This tie is pretty long, so this size/complexity is about the minimum for it (as the wide and narrow end is the same length).

@alchemist @emacs I get the same thing with or without indent-tabs-mode. I'll try to upgrade org-mode and see if that helps. Didn't know it was so actively developed that you needed to keep ahead of your distribution package, so thanks for that suggestion.

@emacs any people that can explain what's going on here where pressing tab to reindent Lisp will bump everything in to 4 characters, then move back to 2 characters if you press tab again (where it will then stay on subsequent tab presses)?

This Wednesday morning, a green with a Diagonal .

This is the version of the Kelvin knot where the tie is out through both the horizontal loops of the knot, not to be confused with the novelty knot also called the Diagonal, which I don't endorse.

@amolith it's getting there.

Orgzly seems to do well with webdav to Nextcloud, so that's a plus.

@amolith I think I'll just slowly start using it for a few things and see how it goes. I actually seem to remember a bunch of the key bindings so think I'll skip evil-mode for now, even though it's been 15 years or so since my switch.

My primary impetus right now is org-mode (use Zim but it doesn't have good mobile integrations), and what seems to be better LSP integration for Rust, so I'll start with those things.

@amolith I switched to light mode for everything a year or so ago when I realized that my increased astigmatism (probably) caused white-on-black to be much harder to read than it used to be.

That said even for "normal" people the research is not kind to dark mode reading.

@sheogorath @neildarlow flatpak update (without the --assume-yes/-y flag) will refresh your index and ask you if you want to upgrade everything or not. It will also ask individually if you want the replace packages that has been reorganized.

Maybe missing is a --dry-run or --assume-no flag for that?

An alternative is Gnome Software which will notify you when indexes has been updated in the background, and gives you a list with buttons to update each package.

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