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This is really a nice website. The best thing is after you have finished an exercise, you can see the solutions of other people and improve your knowledge.

And it's open source 💪

@tamarinee สวัสดีครับ ยินดีที่ได้รู้จักครับ

@juliobiason I just saw you in the Hacker News newsletter as well. Can't wait to see what n-gate.com/ makes of it. 🙂

@cwt from the angle it looks like you were close to me. 🙂

@carbontwelve Usenet, IRC, Hotline, ICQ, mailing lists, just regular e-mail, KOM, Jabber, web forums.

@kensanata this is kind of why I use issue tracking even for personal projects and sometimes even config on my laptop.

@y0x3y @zatnosk I'd be quite into any sort of fediverse client that has read state. Having to remember where I stopped reading is one of my main annoyances here.

@aeveltstra @juliobiason there are plenty of Atom based APIs where there is no particular _need_ for those URLs to be the same, as they all have different relations to the main entity. The presence of those links are what tells you the HTTP verbs are available. That is, you can only expect to update or delete a thing if you have an rel"="edit" or rel="delete" rel link to it, which might or might not have the same href (though in practice they usually have).

@juliobiason @aeveltstra don't see that this is a problem as long as the resources themselves have self/edit links or the equivalent. Making people worry about the format of URLs client side is nasty anyway, unless it's in a well-defined way like URL templates. Atom will return!

(Well, actually I work with Atom daily so I'm happy already.)

@funnypanja I don't know how great that would be, since there's a lot that's Swedish specific in it. There's books in the same vein in English, though, for example ling.upenn.edu/book/madding-ge

@funnypanja pretty close, lagom means "just enough", and has connotations of moderation. It derives from "lag", cognate with "law", so originally means "according with the law". The idea that it's unique to Swedish is silly, and here's a book on that theme: adlibris.com/se/bok/lagom-finn

Found out about shellcheck very recently. Handy CLI helper to analyze your (ba)sh scripts.

It's pretty awesome!


@esureL fine either way for me since I mostly check it on my phone. Though if I understand activitypub correctly it would be possible to extend it with an activity to represent you saw some other entry already.

@sean if you enjoy that maybe you'll be into zeuhl. French prog rock with lyrics often in made up languages.

Is there a Mastodon client (for Android ideally), which just shows things new since last you looked by default? I assume the client-server protocol (though haven't read it) has a "has seen" concept already in order to know what to transmit to the client.

@drango I'm pretty sure that wasn't it, it was a prepaid one from the airport taxi queue system. When I went to Mumbai frequently, I usually got a "regular" taxi there, since like I said I generally like them, and getting them in that queue should be reasonably safe.

@drango @njoseph it wasn't scary, he asked several people if they wanted to go before one came along, so I figured it couldn't have been staged, or if it had been it would have been so ludicrously well planned I wouldn't stand a chance regardless. :-)

@drango @njoseph nope, he just behaved as if this was a totally normal thing to do.

@drango @njoseph I've jumped out of autos in Mumbai twice when they started taking me way off route for whatever purpose. I do find the regular taxis charming, but I've only taken them from the airport, when there's a bit of accountability from the taxi queue receipt. Best incident: black and yellow cab driver picked up a hitch hiking worker that was leaving the airport for the same area as me. 🙂

@amolith I got a bit inspired by this and went looking for something better than the todo.txt setup I was using. Ended up installing tasks.org/ and going back to tasks in CalDAV on Nextcloud. Now just looking for a decent desktop interface for that. Would be happy with the Nextcloud web app except it doesn't show tags and repeat settings from the Android app.

Also wrote a blog post about my old solution, so it's not completely lost to posterity: elektrubadur.se/nextcloud-to-d

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