Chicken 5.0.0 was released on 2018-11-07!…

In addition to the terse official release notes, there's also a blog post from 2018-08-11 detailing the changes in the then-upcoming 5.0.0 release:…

Sounds very exciting!

Personal highlights:
- Deterministic code generation, meaning reproducible builds!
- Full numeric tower!
- Declarative egg language with separate build and install steps!
- Improved minimalism in core!
- Improved PRNG!

I'm happy to note that nixpkgs got Chicken 5 already the next month:…

@veer66 @iMartyn @Parnikkapore @ronliniix you would probably also prefer to have more than two hours or so to translate a movie. Given the volume I doubt Netflix spends a lot on subtitling.

@veer66 @iMartyn @Parnikkapore @ronliniix this assumes that the translator actually saw the movie or could read Spanish, not just fixing up an already machine-translated script, or doing a quick translation from a script already created in English. I assume given the volume of content at Netflix that they use one of those methods.

@veer66 @Parnikkapore @ronliniix I'm not saying it's correct, only that it's a common artefact of how general purpose translation programs work. I doubt Netflix will invest in a program to directly translate from Spanish to Thai, so you better get used to getting annoyed.

@veer66 @ronliniix actually they sometimes should and sometimes shouldn't, depending on the context. It would be a bit much to expect two completely independent statistically trained systems to make the same choice all the time. Especially when one of them gets already-mangled output of the other as input.

@ronliniix @veer66 because most commercial translation systems just have modules that to to/from English, then pipe them together. I see these artefacts all the time for Thai-Swedish translation.

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@kensanata @gwmngilfen my understanding is that there are properties for vowels in particular writing systems, where that's unambigous, such as some Indic ones, but not for the Latin family, where the same character can be a vowel, a consonant, or both, depending on the language.

I have domain registered, if anyone want to run Mastodon instance for Thai community please feel free to contact me. I plan to do it at first but I don’t have time and willpower to maintain, so I’m willing to transfer the domain to anyone who does. Caveat: you have to be a Thai citizen or I think have a work permit in Thailand to have a .th domain.

@mishari agree Anki has many issues. I've been very tempted to start on my own flash card app. Mostly I'd like to also have some typing trainer type features working with combining characters like in Thai. Would probably take a while to also reach feature parity with Anki though.

@mishari you mean a time limit for how much to study each day? Not sure having a countdown would be good for learning and motivation. Probably better to have a certain number of cards each day to give a sense of completion when you are done with them.

The setting for maximum reviews per day should take care of it. I guess a plugin to calculate that number based on your previous history and the time you want to spend each day might be helpful.

@mishari have you tried any spaced repetition programs? I use for Thai vocabulary, and learning to read/write, but I've thought about also using to to get better at Vim commands.

@sirn might try it in the weekend. I live by อนุสาวรีย์ชัยฯ so usually run in สวนสันติภาพ, but thats probably hazardous at the moment, considering the air quality.

@publius @cs yes, I started using it in 2001 and left in 2009, then moved back in again in the last few months.

@mishari did someone do something that would have broken or a similar code of conduct document?

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