@publius @cs yes, I started using it in 2001 and left in 2009, then moved back in again in the last few months.

@mishari did someone do something that would have broken contributor-covenant.org/ or a similar code of conduct document?

@kadin the problem to solve is to take your address with you if you move to another instance.

What do people think about a DNS scheme for associating a domain to an instance, similar to MX records, various special subdomains for email verification, etc? Let's say if pointing bkhl._specialstring.elektrubadur.se to mastodon.sdf.org, that meant I want @bkhl@elektrubadur.se to refer to this account at the moment. Is something like this already a thing, or planned?

@modrobert that's right. It also seems to undercut the message that Windows Defender can actually defend you against that sort of thing.

Had to start up my VM and got this helpful warning.

@veer66 when I used Line a few years ago, their desktop app worked fine in Linux under Wine.

@tomasino you can still run 'nm-connection-editor' to get the old connection editor.

@mayuutann since Vim 8 I prefer using the built-in method with git. That is, adding plugins as submodules under gitlab.com/bkhl/dotfiles/tree/

@stardenver @liw This would actually be need to have as part of the protocol. I.e. allow embedding a thread of comments on a URL, linked to the correct user by way of a "me" link, without the need to create a toot and then link to/embed it.

@ddelony Secrets of the Beehive by David Sylvian is one of my favourite albums ever.

@ddelony Kraftwerk literally started as progg rock (specifically kraut), and then gradually moved over to synth.

@ddelony Kraftwerk and Art of Noise, maybe? But when I think of what's the progg rock version of synth pop, Japan comes to mind first.

Just re-launched my personal web site elektrubadur.se/ with some new cool features:

* No JavaScript.
* No cookies.
* No comments.

If for some reason you want to comment on something there you can for instance discuss it on here. For now it's mostly my photos though, so not much to discuss. Maybe I'll start writing a bit on technical subjects there, we'll see.

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