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This morning, a yellow pattern (second-hand shop find from Sweden), with a Hannover .

This Monday morning, a yellow with a Siam , which long time followers may remember was an unmanned knot that I subsequently named.

This Friday morning, not the usual light blue, instead going for a red with a Christensen , since it's the Chinese new year festival.

Today, a green Naga pattern with a Christensen . Wrong colour for the day, I thought it was Wednesday.

This Friday morning, a light blue with a Christensen .

It seems I could be bothered to take my proper camera. Somehow I was convinced the colour balance was messed up after a drop, and I'm already annoyed by the UI (Sony), so I had kind of given up on it. But now it seems alright at least outdoors.

We'll see if I can keep this up in order for you to get some more presentable photos.

This Wednesday morning, a green with a Christensen .

The photos have gotten a bit worse lately as I switched phone and the new one is lacking in features of the front camera.

Unless I can find a camera app that makes it better (particularly adding digital zoom and selection of focus point), I may go back to using my real camera as I did originally, even though it's more effort. We'll see.

This Tuesday morning, a pink with a Victoria where the broad end of the tie is tucked between both loops of the tie, known as a cross Victoria.

Back to the office on a Monday morning after a few weeks working from home again, wearing a yellow elephant pattern with a Christensen .

First day back to work after the holidays, today with a yellow with a Christensen .

Due to the new outbreak in Thailand, probably will not be going to the office daily for a while again.

This Friday morning, a light blue with a Christensen .

This is my last working day for the year, so there will be a pause.

This smoggy Monday morning, a striped pink with a Christensen knot. I like how the stripes accentuate the shape of the .

If by chance you have a sugar field, please don't burn it, and please leave your diesel pickup truck at home.

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