Found a from the Amanda Christensen shop at a second hand this weekend. Here suitably worn with a Christensen .

Today, a pink tropical pattern with a Grantchester , with a blue songkran shirt.

About to join a virtual farewell party for myself leaving Thailand after almost seven years. I'm technically on leave already so going casual.

It's sad not to have a proper party with my colleagues, so I hope to be back to visit soon.

This Monday morning, under rain-heavy clouds, a yellow with a Cross Victoria .

This morning, a yellow pattern with a Van Vijk .

This is a relatively recently named knot, named for the artist that "invented" it, but in that class it's pretty simple. It's actually just a Cross Victoria knot with an extra horizontal loop.

This morning, a blue with a Cross Victoria . This is an elaboration on a four-in-hand that I think goes well with squares either in the tie or shirt patterns.

Opinion: If you think you should use a four-in-hand, always consider Victoria or Cross Victoria as alternatives.

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