My wife needed me to explain the Swedish pension system after we moved and started working here. Good that I'm an expert and also extremely pedagogical.

Found a from the Amanda Christensen shop at a second hand this weekend. Here suitably worn with a Christensen .

news! Changed the proportional fonts on my desktop to Charis for serif and Andika for sans-serif. Seen here in so that you can see it together with my monospace font (slab serif variant of Iosevka) as well.

Charis and Andika are both from :

Trying my best to make Thai style ไข่เจียวชะอม (senegalia pennata omelette) here in this new land.

Relief, found a shop that sells ชะอม in my new home town.

Suddenly find myself a little bit less hostile to Github after logging in and finding they now have a "Light high contrast" theme that (almost) disables that dumb grey-on-white text.

All this intercontinental moving has forced me to cut my library down a couple of times. This is currently the whole thing.

Needed something to figure out what furniture will fit in my new apartment and it was very easy with despite me rarely doing any vector graphics stuff. Thanks Inkscape people! :-)

Going from Fedora to Rocky on my personal laptop. If this ends up being not too painful, I'll probably go with RHEL for my work laptop in a while.

What with using Flatpak for all my desktop applications, having a base OS with a slower release cycle seems quite viable.

So apparently I spent my last day in Bangkok drawing a messily tied trainer.

Today, a pink tropical pattern with a Grantchester , with a blue songkran shirt.

About to join a virtual farewell party for myself leaving Thailand after almost seven years. I'm technically on leave already so going casual.

It's sad not to have a proper party with my colleagues, so I hope to be back to visit soon.

I heard they plan to put some cables here underground, but then there will be no shade?!

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