Going from Fedora to Rocky on my personal laptop. If this ends up being not too painful, I'll probably go with RHEL for my work laptop in a while.

What with using Flatpak for all my desktop applications, having a base OS with a slower release cycle seems quite viable.

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@bkhl I think CentOS stream is a lovely solution for a slowly updated machine. No big changes, but many little bug fixes and security updates whenever you want them.

@tfb yeah, Centos Stream on my personal machine and RHEL at work would make even more sense maybe. I might try it unless I really start to like Rocky.

@tfb update: that's the new plan, downloading Centos Stream now. I'll suppose Rocky is going to generally be behind RHEL, so doesn't make sense to have it on my personal laptop where I generally can be a bit more bleeding edge.

@bkhl I've been using CentOS stream at work, and it's great. It might move more quickly than RHEL, but only within the space between RHEL dot releases. And I love that I get a chance to report bugs to be fixed before the next RHEL release.

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