I just realized - tools don’t work very well from the Steam flatpak because of how flatpaks save files. Everything gets saved in the sandboxed directory, not where you’d expect the files to be saved.

@brainblasted you can give it access to certain directories. There is a GUI application called Flatseal for managing that kind of configuration.

@bkhl Right, but the amount of directories you need to add and how many times you need to use Flatseal increases with how many different kinds of tool you’re using. That isn’t optimal UX.


@brainblasted that's right, there is another thing called "portals" in Flatpak that lets applications embed the interface for that instead (similar to how mobile apps can ask for permissions for things), but I wouldn't hold my breath for Steam to add support for that.

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@bkhl Yes, I know; We also won’t get every proprietary tool to implement portal support.

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