Lol. The UPS app can't verify my address because it contains an ', which is a common character in Dutch 😭

@sexybiggetje actually it seems in the US they drop apostrophes in street/place names. In the UK it appears to be up to the sign maker.

@bkhl @sexybiggetje
They'd have trouble with your name too. Umlauts still tend to disappear in text conversions, Bjrn Lindstrm :)

I wonder what happens to deliveries to 's-Hertogenbosch? Or 's-Heerhendrikskinderen?

Doesn't UPS use zip codes, which in the Netherlands are so detailed, it shows a group of houses in a certain street of a certain town?

Questions, questions

Probably for matching yes, but for registration they throw an error. But in my case I replaced it with 'het' so I hope they just match it on zip for tracking

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