The Runeberg project is closing for contributions. 😕

Aronsson, as he also describes in the post, was an early Swedish web pioneer, ran the earliest and biggest Swedish wiki before Swedish Wikipedia and also took part in founding the Swedish Wikipedia chapter.

> It was fun while it lasted,
but there is a time for everything.
by Lars Aronsson, December 2020

I founded Project Runeberg in December 1992, 28 years ago, and has managed it almost single-handedly since then.

Wow, I always assumed, for the last 20 years, that there was a small sustained team at Lysator (on of Linköping University's computer clubs) that kept all this alive.

> The project is very vulnerable to attacks. Intentional abuse can quickly get out of hand. [ . . . ] Fortunately, Project Runeberg has had no cases of intentional abuse, which is amazing. But in a handful of cases, there have been overly enthusiastic proofreading volunteers [ . . . ] And for me, trying to lead and develop the project, supporting such users has taken an increasing fraction of my own volunteer time, which is why I decided on December 18, to close the project to editing.

#runeberg #ProjectRuneberg

@clacke jag har flera gånger funderat på att ta mig an projektet att anpassa verktygen som producerar till svenska och applicera på lite böcker från Runebergprojektet.

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