Every now and then I am reminded of this:

English: great minds think alike.
German: Zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke (roughly: two idiots, one thought)

What I find fascinating here is that it embodies two completely opposing views on a kind of spontaneous consensus. The British mindset apparently sees it as a suggestion that there is something to it, while the German reacts with suspicion.

The matter is complicated -and simplified - by the fact that both expressions are often used to describe the ...


@jens couldn't help trying to look into this one. A lot of people on the net seems to think the full English saying is "great minds think alike, fools seldom differ", though this seems to be on shaky ground.

Also found that an older form of the saying is "great wits jump", which I will try to use more from now on. I must actually have read it before in TLaOo Tristram Shandy, but must have skimmed that part … (you kind of have to with that book to ever get through it)

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