I have completed my bible recording project. Thank you all who joined me on the process. The recordings are not perfect but I am glad to have made them.

The complete podcast can be found at anchor.fm/james-toebes. I have organized all the recordings into a very basic web page at webp.toebesacademy.com/. You can listen there or download the entire set (there is a zip link) to share as you see fit.

i think it's probably best for the whole world if facebook just stays down

what do?

NeXTStep lives again! On HP PA-RISC. (Workstation Series 9000/712)

what's your favorite linux window manager and why is it Window Maker?

who knew the only way to make the federated view useful was to block 1000 "pony pic" accounts

Like many pastors, I take one day off during the week, as comp time for working Sunday. Despite having mixed feelings about the return of in-person school for the kiddos, I will say that today I have a level of quiet I have not experienced in 18 months!

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