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Lifehack: do your upgrades during daylight saving shift, so you can still keep 24 hour uptime for that day.

Firewall upgraded OpenBSD 6.4→6.5→6.6

I was a bit lazy in the spring :D

So, software is kinda like a car…

Where are you going I wasn't finished!

If Red Hot Chili Peppers were instead called Dead Hot Chili Peppers, they'd hand out IP addresses.

I got a new GPU. I figured out some commands I could use to change its settings on the fly for different use cases. Unfortunately the commands were quite long and hard to remember, so I tried to add shorthands for them in my shell config. However, for some reason only the full commands seemed to work and the card refused the commands when given in the more convenient form.

The problem was that the GPU had anti-aliasing enabled.

In a parallel universe cats and dogs have pet humans with names like "Mr. Thumb" and "Heels"

I programmed a paperclip maximizing AI and ran it on a microcontroller.

Since the program had no I/O, it concluded it has no interface for creating any paperclips and promptly halted. The end.

memetic cognitohazard (making fun of rationalist cultists) 

Roko's basilisk, except for every torture simulation it also simulates multiple universes where the basilisk doesn't get created, so you should not support the creation of the basilisk to maximize your chance of ending up tortured by it in order to save those simulated universes from the tyranny of the basilisk.

I'm not sure who else needs to see this, but: Check your backups!

The computer science concept of NaN was invented by Alan Turing to represent Not all Nazis. Any expression with NaN always evaluates to false.

The way I use punctuation really bothers me for some reason.

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