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Various Artists must be, like, the most prolific band ever

want to feel old? the Triassic period started closer to the Cambrian than to today

Say I have a very fluffy yak in my bicycle shed. How should I prepare for giving it a haircut? Anything interesting I should focus on?

Oh, geeze, I haven't given you my sshd port take yet.

If you run sshd on port 22, you don't hate your users, you hate the planet. Failed login attempts, even with password auth disabled, still burn CPU crunching hashes, wasting precious electrons. The dinosaurs did not die for your laziness!

the problem with pkg_deleting everything that doesn't spark joy is it's very easy to end up with just a couple moria clones and a ray tracer and no way to read pdfs :flan_shrug:

Unexpectedly, sugar, caffeine and stoner metal go well together.

Maybe one day we'll hold software companies accountable for at least the malicious and immoral shit they do to their own customers, let alone otherwise.

Pet peeve: online stores insisting I mark "state/province" in my address.

At least something analogous to those exists here, but the post office certainly does not require them and they are just an unnecessary step I jave to fill.

The best part of tautologies is the best part of tautologies

Petition to open source all EU government software: public money -> public code

on "but X isn't a problem here!", meta 

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