Clay tablet script used by ancient Mesopotamian ninjas


Drop out of shell, SIGPIPE in hand
Follow the traceroute to the OOM-killed LAN

@pmosetc The concept behind the idea:

My grandma had a headband that seems to be lost for now. I hope it turns up somewhere at the old cottage.

It was covered in linen cloth. The original was black but I like pink more so I specified that instead. Color choices up to maker.

The rigid part was presumably stainless steel of some sort (as evidenced by the spotless shiny steel spot when grandma repaired it. I witnessed. Springy enough to probably not be uncomfortable with usual sized heads.

Since I've seen more than two of my mutuals praising kidney beans lately, I'll show my support too. Kidney bean stans unite!

@StrawberryWarr Your first mistake was going on image boards to begin with.
Your second was going on /g/ of all things.

* stainless steel
* lathe or CNC milling machine
* sewing machine
* pink linen canvas

OK I can see why I'm not a fashion guru

@ParadeGrotesque I feel so called out. I'm only just getting comfortable with puppet stuff at work and Terraform is still slightly scary.

Can someone explain to me why signed integer overflow is UB and not implementation defined in C standards?

*looking at my tea stock*
Hmm I have way more Tieguanyin than I thought.
*grab a random bag of tea, it's TGY*
Oh, come on!

geek pickup line, I fucked this up at first :D 

TBH I can't handle signals intelligence either

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geek pickup line, I fucked this up at first :D 

Girl, are you SIGKILL? Cause I can't handle you.

You're pretty great, Kurt. I'll put -current on an Ultra for you when I get home.

@raichoo Three guesses as to where I'm sitting at this very moment :D

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