Roses are red
Violets are blue
Shorts are easy
And comfortably loose

Also too bad VyOS doesn't seem to be targeted at switches as much. For light or medium routing and firewalling I'll rather take an OpenBSD box anyway so networking OSs for those tickle my fancy less.

Yea, Vy stuff seems good and I'd like to mess around with it sometime

@quad I guess I just dislike things for being unlike Junos. Today I got frustrated by an Extreme brand one. At least they have a nice color.

@quad Prretty sure the C in Cisco stands for "confusing" and there's a good reason there are two of them

I don't believe in the concept of UI. I think UI is just a myth created by UX designers to give unhelpful explanations of what they apparently *don't* do.

My favourite OS is NetBSD because people think it's really quaint and contrarian but really it's just kinda predictable and boring.

Why do I hoard old SPARC boxes, you ask?

I'm a big RISC taker.

@tedu My understanding:

2011-present: Fuck you I hope you like port forwarding
Soon: Enjoy your NAT inside another NAT

Lifehack: do your upgrades during daylight saving shift, so you can still keep 24 hour uptime for that day.

Firewall upgraded OpenBSD 6.4→6.5→6.6

I was a bit lazy in the spring :D

So, software is kinda like a car…

Where are you going I wasn't finished!

Nah, mine's on (and for a certain VLAN) but I regret not putting it to just .0 and prefix::

I have no interest in legacy shit that doesn't live in civilized CIDR age.

If Red Hot Chili Peppers were instead called Dead Hot Chili Peppers, they'd hand out IP addresses.

I got a new GPU. I figured out some commands I could use to change its settings on the fly for different use cases. Unfortunately the commands were quite long and hard to remember, so I tried to add shorthands for them in my shell config. However, for some reason only the full commands seemed to work and the card refused the commands when given in the more convenient form.

The problem was that the GPU had anti-aliasing enabled.

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