right wing violence 

Here's my hand the dog bit.

Good to know being white and straight passing doesn't protect me (as I suspected but don't wanna imply it doesn't help me to an extent.)

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Heresy, alcohol 

Screwdriver from a Glencairn must me absolutely unholy, but dammit it tastes alright.


My little home rack got some love on birdsite, gonna post it here too.

Post your Unix workstations.


Actually, let's look at the fuckers known as Oath a little more carefully.

They directed me to their Finnish site. At the bottom there's a link for "contact us" (in FI) but the link leads to just a marketing page (in EN) with zero contact information.

Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice, and if you're so incompetent you accidentally hide your contact details so people can't call you out on your shady business practices, you deserve the punishment for malice.

Well, that's wonderful.

I was trying to send a complaint to Imgur about their GDPR notification's deficiencies at imgurinc.com/contact

I got redirected to shaun-forouzandeh.squarespace. and received a 403.

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