picture, in your mind, the cutest headband possible

I would like to make that headband tomorrow so I stop dipping my hair in chemical peel. What is my materials list?


* stainless steel
* lathe or CNC milling machine
* sewing machine
* pink linen canvas

OK I can see why I'm not a fashion guru

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@pmosetc The concept behind the idea:

My grandma had a headband that seems to be lost for now. I hope it turns up somewhere at the old cottage.

It was covered in linen cloth. The original was black but I like pink more so I specified that instead. Color choices up to maker.

The rigid part was presumably stainless steel of some sort (as evidenced by the spotless shiny steel spot when grandma repaired it. I witnessed. Springy enough to probably not be uncomfortable with usual sized heads.

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