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I do all of my scripting in pure sed(1) these days.

$ cat hello.sed
#!/usr/bin/sed 1d
Hello, world!
$ chmod +x hello.sed
$ ./hello.sed
Hello, world!

This morning I had a dream and all I saw was JSON. It was even weirder than usual for dreams.

Metallica, liking things 

Saw someone call Master of Puppets the best song ever. I'm not gonna outright agree but I consider it a fair point and a defensible position.

Today I found out Master the Mainframe is open now. Might as well learn some z/OS skills.

Also found out that IBM allows humor in official company communications. When did that happen? I should be feeling like every line of JCL I look upon without wearing a tie is a syntax error.

Also their hype claims about mainframe performance seem pretty underwhelming.

Stayed up most of last night at the office writing an Icinga plugin for SNMP monitoring processes listening on TCP ports, including firewalled proxied ports. Also learned many things about Puppet and net-snmp. I guess there are worse side effects I could have.

Accidentally deleted the toot but please bear with me. Sorry for returning from silence with yammering about my ADD. I'll forget soon enough :D

Taking ADHD meds for the first time was really nice in a subtle way. When thinking "I need to do a thing" my gut reaction was not immediately "but not now please"

I should be sleeping but I spent a good chunk of time emailing Uni psychologist instead. For a second I was disappointed but at least I spent that time doing something useful and potentially valuable for my future instead of getting wasting my precious sleep hours for nothing.

I got diagnosed with inattentive type ADHD on Monday. Been reading up more and more about it and it's been mostly "huh, that explains a lot"

If you don't like being nonstandard, remember that GNU has POSIXLY_CORRECT envvar for a good reason. Embrace the drop.

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Anyway, I hereby declare E standard the only standard guitar tuning. If you're out there calling DGCFAD "D standard" you're cancelled. There's the standard and there are noncompliant implementations.

Ah shit i've been neglecting this place real bad haven't I?

Clay tablet script used by ancient Mesopotamian ninjas


Drop out of shell, SIGPIPE in hand
Follow the traceroute to the OOM-killed LAN

Since I've seen more than two of my mutuals praising kidney beans lately, I'll show my support too. Kidney bean stans unite!

Can someone explain to me why signed integer overflow is UB and not implementation defined in C standards?

*looking at my tea stock*
Hmm I have way more Tieguanyin than I thought.
*grab a random bag of tea, it's TGY*
Oh, come on!

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