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geek pickup line, I fucked this up at first :D 

geek pickup line, I fucked this up at first :D 

I need to get a new DECT phone for next year's congress. This one's totally busted.

NOC: "Use more bandwidth"
Congresspeople: *blast the LAN with pixelflut abuse*

apple ceo man: imagine.. an app for your feet
(6 months pass)
The Foot Cloud Has Been Hacked, Here’s What You Need To Know

Hi Congress Critters, I'm on the #c3noc team helping to build your network for #36c3.

Hope it works well for you, and hope you enjoy it!

During the event I should be oot and aboot to socialize and enjoy the fruits of my labours, likely in the BSD Assembly around Chaos West.


If I didn't mildly disapprove of self-boosting, I'd boost some of the ones I like the most.

Anyone else occasionally go through your notifications as a "greatest hits" of your own toots?

DROP D: Output Stage

Vs. Les Paul (1971 LP Recording)

"Multi-track recording!"

I don't believe in the concept of UI. I think UI is just a myth created by UX designers to give unhelpful explanations of what they apparently *don't* do.

My favourite OS is NetBSD because people think it's really quaint and contrarian but really it's just kinda predictable and boring.

Why do I hoard old SPARC boxes, you ask?

I'm a big RISC taker.

Lifehack: do your upgrades during daylight saving shift, so you can still keep 24 hour uptime for that day.

Firewall upgraded OpenBSD 6.4→6.5→6.6

I was a bit lazy in the spring :D

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