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Took me way too long to install a new inner tube for my bike because I'm a dummy and did things wrongly.

But now I can bike to places. You're no boss of mine, bus schedules!

At least I'm a white, (occasionally) straight-passing, native language speaker with (mostly) prestige dialect. Super solidarity for all who don't match those categories.

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Lenovo's TrackPoint patent just expired:

If we're lucky, this might mean more "pointing sticks" on laptops. Although I doubt it, as their mainstream popularity has kind of failed already

Prove you're not a robot: do this mindless, repetitive task for no pay



* (Wednesday, May 8th) :flan_writing:

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Me: "Goddammit, I hate top posting"
Coworker: "You're too young to say that"

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Developers: "We need tracking cookies and telemetry to gather data about our users so we can improve our products."
Also developers: "Check out these features nobody asked for and this redesign no one wanted!"

If you configure your firewall a certain way, your servers become so secure even the sysadmin can't hack them!

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