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When I was little I thought fax machines teleported paper and I occasionally wondered why it didn't work for other things.

I should go sleep soon, starting to feel the deprivation effects

tfw you notice your mate across the lecture room and you start pinging each other on IRC

Fun thing to do in Australia:

host1$ nc host2 $someport < /dev/urandom
host2$ nc -lp $someport > /dev/null

Decrypt that, assholes

NAT is a security feature much like a brick wall is a speed bump.

You people and your jorts memes, you think you're so cutting edge starting words with j? Electrical engineers had you beat ages ago!


Finding the humor in this toot is left as an exercise to the reader.

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Nod emphatically if you think the ability to physically cut the main power circuit of a device without voiding warranty should be a standard feature on all electronics.

2019: It's easier to forcibly shut down a government than a phone, in case they don't behave how you like.

Journalists must be bad at FLOSS since they keep their sources confidential.

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Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

Websites that value your privacy don't have to tell you they value your privacy.

A few of my least favourite Unix tools


and a Linux specific one: iptables

Funny how the renowned anarchist Noam Chomsky is also well known for something called the Chomsky hierarchy.

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