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Clay tablet script used by ancient Mesopotamian ninjas


Drop out of shell, SIGPIPE in hand
Follow the traceroute to the OOM-killed LAN

Since I've seen more than two of my mutuals praising kidney beans lately, I'll show my support too. Kidney bean stans unite!

Can someone explain to me why signed integer overflow is UB and not implementation defined in C standards?

*looking at my tea stock*
Hmm I have way more Tieguanyin than I thought.
*grab a random bag of tea, it's TGY*
Oh, come on!

geek pickup line, I fucked this up at first :D 

TBH I can't handle signals intelligence either

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geek pickup line, I fucked this up at first :D 

Girl, are you SIGKILL? Cause I can't handle you.

I need to get a new DECT phone for next year's congress. This one's totally busted.

NOC: "Use more bandwidth"
Congresspeople: *blast the LAN with pixelflut abuse*

Hi Congress Critters, I'm on the #c3noc team helping to build your network for #36c3.

Hope it works well for you, and hope you enjoy it!

During the event I should be oot and aboot to socialize and enjoy the fruits of my labours, likely in the BSD Assembly around Chaos West.


If I didn't mildly disapprove of self-boosting, I'd boost some of the ones I like the most.

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Anyone else occasionally go through your notifications as a "greatest hits" of your own toots?

DROP D: Output Stage

Vs. Les Paul (1971 LP Recording)

"Multi-track recording!"

I don't believe in the concept of UI. I think UI is just a myth created by UX designers to give unhelpful explanations of what they apparently *don't* do.

My favourite OS is NetBSD because people think it's really quaint and contrarian but really it's just kinda predictable and boring.

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