Thinking about switching back to Tiny Tiny RSS. Don't really dislike NewsBlur; but im having a hard time wondering why I don't just selfhost something.

I stopped selfhosting RSS because the upgrades were killing me; but that was partly because I was on shared hosting waaay back when and not a VPS under my whole control.

@trashheap I looked into ttrss and had trouble installing so I went to the forums and accidentally found some ... mmm, let's say political differences with the author.

I switched to readerself and have had great luck with it. I recommend it.

@nonlinear @bgardner While not as froody in some ways as miniflux; thoughts on selfoss?

Miniflux has a lot of cool points; trying to balance that with my desire for (non web) mobile access.

@trashheap @nonlinear Nothing immediately negative jumps out at me (I'm not a super fan of PHP but it's not a showstopper since I don't have to maintain the code :D )

Seems more kitchen-sinky than miniflux & readerself insamuch as it has a lot of plugin overhead, but again, not sure if this could be considered disqualifying in any way.

Honestly, I'd want to take them all out for a spin before I voted - right now I plan to deploy miniflux and see how it behaves. I'll try to report back.

Lemme know how miniflux works for you. Im going to mull on this some more; before I pivot to anything.

The tracking pixel scrubbing & image proxy stuff really caught my eye with miniflux. Ive grown spoiled by apps which allow me to cache my feed for offline consumption though.

Actually wouldn't mind just going offline RSS with my desktop and phone if their was a decent way to synchronize read status p2p.
@trashheap @bgardner miniflux supports the Fever API, so you can access with compatible mobile/desktop reader apps. I use Reeder on my desktop and mobile and everything syncs nicely.
Is it still maintained. Github says the last formal release was 2016?

@trashheap I don't have any special knowledge if so, no - but the reader itself works great and my own use case is behind a firewall so I'm less worried about it being a security risk. Not ideal, but so far this is the best I've found.

That said, if you find a better self-hosted RSS reader, I'm all ears. :)

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