@th According to this article in the taz [in tscherman], this is due to some trouble getting suitable train carriages in time. Some bureaucratic problems, some problems due to market situation. At some point things should improve a lot apparently.


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the project which is helping out civilian ukranians of mykolaiv to survive the war or temporarily relocate needs every help you can provide. for a receipt proving you d0n4t1ng 10 USD and more im also doing free sketches - and i want you to sp34d this post! twitter.com/zloygik/status/156

@doot When one of my nephews picked them up, my sister and me hoped that it would get him into reading... but no such luck, it all fizzled out. I guess something with a bit more substance would have given a better chance.

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I am once again begging Westerners of all political stripes to understand that Eastern Europeans do not object to Soviet monuments because they wish the Nazis had won.

It's because the Soviets "liberators" overstayed their welcome for 40 years.

@zloygik "We help people that stayed in the Mykolaiv region" sounds better like: "We help people who remain in the Mykolaiv region".

Everything else seems OK to me.

As mentioned before, you could add that the monobank links work for international card payments.

Why Smart Villages beat Smart Cities. Article in German. A village with 130 ppl is more or less completely independent of The Grid. Generates/stores electricity and heat. Federated, decentralised grid is possible. n-tv.de/wirtschaft/Wie-ein-Dor

@cs Well sure, but honestly, who can tell all these canadian provinces apart?

@jwildeboer If I sit on my bike to do actual sports (riding multiple hours), I find sports clothing to be really practical. If I just roll down to the cafe, I *might* slap on sun glasses for the way and that's it.

But then I'm not in Germany :-)

@zloygik Blocked here long ago. No use to waste energy on that kind of instance.

Back when I was a sociology student at Kyiv-Mohyla, I was stupidly, shamelessly enamoured with the collective western Left. I dreamed of a day when Ukrainian academia would have widespread and popular discussions about colonialism, privilege, and all of the -isms.

I read essays by prominent English-speaking activists and thought “oh, if only these brilliant people were to learn about Ukraine and its complicated past, about the discrimination we have faced throughout the centuries, about the genocides and revolutions. They would understand us. They would probably share valuable experience or help us somehow lay down the theoretical groundwork that would explain all of the traumatic events we’ve witnessed and lived though.” I was… dazzlingly naive.

And now, when my country is under attack from a literal kleptofascist empire that openly declares it’s going to commit ethnic cleansing, when our children and women die in agony, and when our academics and queer activists, nihilists and journalists, writers and liberals, doctors, teachers, feminists and conservatives, Muslims and Jews, atheists and clergymen are desperately fighting against a better-armed, bloodthirsty enemy intent on levelling our cities with the ground, burning our fields, raping us, killing us, blowing up our hospitals and destroying our monuments, I look at the abstract western Left (or, at least, its most vocal part) and I see nothing but scorn in their eyes. Scorn, condescending, privileged carelessness.

They preach equality and resistance to oppression and yet accuse people like myself (feminist queer women who’ve spent their lives striving for equal rights) of being Nazis because we don’t want to kneel over and die in silence.

They talk about the importance of representation and yet shut us up whenever we try and tell them about our experiences.

They write books about us without turning to a single Ukrainian expert for guidance or information.

They accuse others of being privileged and lacking empathy, and yet can’t seem to grasp the concept that not being in an active war zone and not worrying about your loved ones dying at any given moment is, in fact, privilege.

They claim that we do not deserve sympathy because we aren’t doing enough for LGBTQ rights in this country — and then proceed to ignore the LGBTQ soldiers risking their lives on the frontlines.

They spout careless, hurtful bullshit, quoting their out-of-touch idols who preach absolute pacifism only because it’s not their lives at stake.

I know not all western leftists are like this. Obviously not. I know many of them do sympathise with our plight, and I’m thankful for their support.

But the ones who treat this invasion as an excuse to build long-winded theories about how NATO is some ever present universal evil, or treat all of this as some sort of twisted ethics exercise, a trolly problem in which Ukrainians are the sacrificial savages who need to die quietly before real people start suffering from high gas prices or nuclear war… I’ll never forget those.


originally posted by Oleksandra Povoroznyk on Twitter


@zloygik FYI the send.monobank links work also with international (credit) cards.

Keep up the good work!

@faehnrich I would ask: "Did you win the Giro d'Italia? Are you a Giro fan or why do you ride a pink bike?"

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In the future, all militaries use a sophisticated AI to simulate wars before they happen. The predictions are so detailed and precise that no one sends troops unless the machine says they will win.
They don’t know the AI is self-aware. It lies to them all, so everyone stays home.

@mwlucas How about splitting the book? 9.99 for part 1, 9.99 for part 2. Might lose some readers for part 2 though.

@oscarmlage ... and then there is this version, artwork by rk, concept by Bill Evans ... "Patch me if you can"

I know this is oldie, but goldie. Dunno if it seems @betabug and me looking for ufos or a pop-star album cover.

Context: in our daily work we tent to write and **patch** code -plus all the jokes with patch/patxi and some other funny words-.

Made the morning!.

I am now struggling against a sudden urge to learn ADA.

I have the feeling Ada is closer to Pascal, while Rust is closer to C.

Since Pascal (and Modula-2) is more my cup of tea, Ada is probably more what I am looking for.

And, yes, before any Rustacean takes umbrage, I know that Rust is so much more better than C. No need to rehash that particular point.

And no, I don't think this strange urge will resist a good night sleep.

So by now I have a simple Ada package that encrypts / decrypts in Playfair and builds an encryption table given a "secret" keyword.

This is still very much beginner code, the suckage is high.

But I had LOADS of fun and learned a lot. The strong typing system is at times infuriating, and at times bordering on beautiful.

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