@lattera You mean those ``def __repr__(self):`` and ``def __str__(self):`` methods?

@watch_union Schön wäre auch ein Vergleich zu den Schäden durch CumEx-Betrugsfälle.

@kgerloff Hmmm, I have a faint memory Apple tried that with AppleScript once, a million years ago. I could be wrong though. Also didn't last long I think.

pet peeve 

@dressupgeekout Yeah, that's a cute one.

A similar pet peeve of mine is when an open source project announces they are looking for contributors and you have to hunt through 7 levels of their site to find out what languages / tech stack they are using.

@fellmoon In .gr the law obliges businesses to accept payments by card.

OTOH, sadly lots of places seem to think that tripadvisor or f*book are "their website".

@jwildeboer The person on the bicycle in picture 2 wasn't that lucky :-/

@pdt Apparently you can get the DevTerm with a RasPi3 setup, which I guess should work with NetBSD? But then... some reports say the keyboard is just a bit too small to be practical.

Last week in one of the cafes where I frequently have my , the IPv4 didn't work. ... but did ... new blog post: "The Saga of IPv6"


TL;DR ... it lead me to blog.apnic.net/2022/05/04/the-

Quick OpenBSD survey about obsdfreqd 

@solene I thought I would need it after upgrading to 7.1, but then my fan stayed silent and the laptop cool. I guess on the x270 the processor scaling works on its own.

@kadin Actually (at least in Switzerland where I grew up), that's how it used to work back in the time. I assume it was mechanical switches back then, but dunno really.

They had to make quite a campaign to tell people to dial the prefix too for local numbers when that changed.

@jdarnold And then we humans imitate that with the predictive pipelining (or however it's properly called) in our CPUs and run into all kinds of trouble with it :-)

@pamela Lately we mostly enjoy Lapsang Soochong (loose leave) and "Kusmi" brand "Prince Vladimir" tea.

Since I got a Samovar as a present we needed something that wouldn't get bitter if it stands around for a while, and these work well ... and taste good.

We also switched to a "tea egg" with that, no more teabag waste and higher price.

@jwildeboer For beginners to Mac OS, I definitely would suggest version 7.1.1, that should be very easy to start with.

@ne1for23 Hey there!

Are you turning your account into some kind of news agency reposter? Could you slap a tag on those posts so I could filter them out or at least put a CW on them so I don't have to see them?



my favourite aspect of formal German writing is that the shortest words like "wegen" are abbreviated to "wg." and stuff like Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänskajüte gets the full … line.


@jwildeboer Yeah, I got you.

We should not have illusions or false hopes out of the things we do. Often in the western media it sounds as if we are doing a huge amount, a perfect job. Which isn't true.

I don't have illusions in that direction, but for me it's in the direction of "we do what we can". We could do more, we could do better, but let's make a start.

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