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This projet defeat ReCaptcha with 91% accuracy 🤩. How? You might ask. They ask for the audio challenge, dl the mp3, forward it to Google Speech2Text API and submit the answer back... and it works 🤦🏻‍♂️


If you didn't yet know, Google is datamining GMail etc for purchase confirmation emails amongst other things and aggregating it for their own purposes in an extremely detailed way.

(Everything you purchased with order ids, detailed billing details, VAT, including subscriptions etc)

Do not believe a single word about how this information is kept private. There is zero reason to build a system to aggregate this and then not use it to make money out of.

And we are lucky of having tools like memory_profiler, stackprof, TracePoint...

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I hit a wall today to my understanding of what ruby does under the wood especially on overriding today.
For example I was able to raise, but puts was not output something except when I was calling directly the method when the puts was. 🤯
But I will understand..a matter of time

Is it possible in a Sidekiq worker to start an asynchronous shell command then kill it at the end of the Sidekiq job? For exemple start a python psrecord command to measure cpu and memory. I tried with spawn and fork but it stuck the worker when called. Sidekiq limit?

I have nearly 100 long videos on my "watch later" list on YouTube, 30 podcasts on Podcast Addict. Most of them related to programming. Now I'm watching them for the oldest to the newest when I can. I try to stay focus on that list. Some videos are on the list since 3 years.

#CumEx 55 milliards disparus en 15 ans, comme toujours avec la complicité des banques. Ce genre de "révélations" deviennent tellement régulières qu'on se demande si ce n'est pas fait exprès, pour entretenir un effet de sidération, permettant que les sangsues se goinfrent en nous regardant dans les yeux.

I want to do some CSS today. A nice how to.. Do you have this?

I had a nice medium blog post but I don't know where it is now.

Elon Musk, memes 

Well that's capitalism for you 🤷‍♀️

It's hard to feel dumb on an open source project sometimes.. but I will learn.

Accointance entre Woerth et Cahuzac sur la fraude fiscale. (Source l'excellent livre de @fabricearfi sur l'affaire Cahuzac)

@mperham In "Parallelize your work with Sidekiq Pro". Two/three things
- Why do you need to pass the "filename" in the batch callback?
- Is it as good thing to use "Sidekiq.redis" for other things that Sidekiq itself? Here it could have been better to use an other Redis?


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