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Init7 are awesome, they run a mirror, now that is closing down.

The Open Source Initiative apparently doesn't need new supporters, judging by the fact that they don't reply to the message I sent to them....

!listening to Xið 97.7 - I quite like this radio station.

Apparently @Purism dropped the plan to create a pen tablet convertible - at least it disappeared from their website. Meanwhile BYOD classrooms are flooded with iPad Pros and Surface Tables without any viable open alternative in sight.

My beloved Lenovo X230 running on top of is about to give up on me... 😂

I can't believe that it took me that long to discover !tea

Listening to .... I can't wait for the concert next summer!

I'm trying to put together another learning video for my students. I used the Lenovo Yoga for the first time only to realize that the machine isn't beefy enough. So it's back to my ThinkPad x230.

Listening to , drinking and trying to get some work done. Good morning everyone!

I would post these to my Hubzilla instance. Sadly I somehow broke the upload from my phone. So here you go...

Falls jemand hier im Fediverse mit ein paar von uns eins trinken wollen: Nächste Gelegenheit in einer Woche am Chaostreff Zentralschweiz in Schwyz:

Usually I create slideshows using one or multiple tools of [OrgMode, LaTeX Beamer, Slidy, Reveal.js]. Today I learned that one can also create slideshows using Racket. This got to be the most obscure way to create a slideshow! (Any challengers?)

I spent ages to find out why certain ports aren't blocked by my servers firewall even though the rules were correct - until I traced the route on said ports and realized that my mobile provider reroutes the traffic on said ports.

Second night in Budapest. Tomorrow a meeting with @chalkahlom is on the schedule. Another one of the old days I finally get to meet in person.

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