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Good morning from South Uist. More fog and clouds today. It would be nice to actually see the islands we're cycling on.

His famous last words were: "Only over my dead body you will build that road."

According to my Garmin we cycled 91km today with a total ascent of 1400m.

When the data model and reality don't coincide and reality has to be adapted...

Thanks to @kevie I discovered the KISS launcher on F-Droid. Way more what I need than the default.

Arrived in Glasgow after following the canal for 100km.

Eurostar even offers a place to reassemble your bike!

Sitting on a Eurostar to London being slightly amused that they boast about the tunnels length. I live only 1hr from a longer tunnel.... ;-)

@mcnalu Ah, you're still around. I just tried to text you. Don't know whether the number I have is still correct.

Back from Czech Republic, getting ready to travel to Scotland... I like trains :D

Can you spot the singer of the band on this picture?

Yesterday was completely exhausting, only awesome bands almost without any breakes to eat.

The got to be the only festival which makes people who bought the ticket online queue for more than two hours while everyone without a ticket doesn't wait at all.

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