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Back from Czech Republic, getting ready to travel to Scotland... I like trains :D

Yesterday was completely exhausting, only awesome bands almost without any breakes to eat.

The got to be the only festival which makes people who bought the ticket online queue for more than two hours while everyone without a ticket doesn't wait at all.

Today I revived a CentOS server by taming SELinux while wrestling a yum dependency hell.... Now I'm up for a wellness break on a smoothly running Slackware system.

The overnight train to Prag just left the station in Zurich.

Great, now I tried for ages to download the to my Pine64 to install a web server only to find that one is shipped with netbsd... !

@mcnalu @kevie @perloid Do you guys have a tip where to stay in Glasgow for pub crawl?

I just read that the now runs . Finally I have a something to do with this board... :)

I just spent three hours trying to get out of a dependency hell on CentOS. I really missed .

Good morning, I'm trying to get some coding done in the morning since my brain will stop working this afternoon. Maybe I should install a water cooling system for my brain.

Why has nobody told me that there is ( - that's awesome!

How do you tell that I'm working at home: I have porridge for lunch.

Wait, why does this page have a follow us on Twitter button???

Off to a free dinner. That's the best kind of dinner ;)

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