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Morning and TZAG everyone! I'm off to spend this sunny bank holiday morning on the motorbike.

Luckily there are still huge amounts of snow in the Swiss alps to go skiing....

$man floppymeter

floppymeter - measure raw capacity and exact rotation speed of floppy drive

I just requested for parallel to be included in current only to be told that it is already there. Guess the maintainers can read minds.

Finally on the way home, after a lot of nerd-talk over a nice dinner...

I just received a spam mail claiming that my server is their server. Now I'm angry.

Ok, I only read about this whole GPG vulnerability for about two minutes and my first impression: I always told you email was intended to sent plain text!

I just found out that there is a bicycle basket brand called UNIX...

Back from our short motorbike ride. Now I'm hungry!

The datacenter where I run from is closing. I need a new home. I might go down @theru 's route and migrate to VPSes...

@lukaso666 I'm now on SDFs Mastodon instance... for now. By the way' I'll be at this years 20th Anniversary OEF in Trutnov.

I'm still wondering why none of the Linux laptop sellers produces a machine with digitizer pen support. Purism has listed one for two years now with its production date still TBA.

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