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@clacke ok, so I'll run nginx along with cron and dehydrated or whatever in one container, correct?

@xj9 @clacke yep this sound about right the path I'm on right now....

@clacke but everyone tells you how you're not supposed to run multiple services in the same container.

wait, remind me again, why did I plan to run nginx in Docker? The only "benefit" is that you have to jump through burning loops to renew Let's Encrypt certs...

Apparently me from the past owned a legal copy of Wolfenstein 3D. I just found this when I went through some old stuff I still had at my parents.

@NYbill @theru I'm just leaving right now, expect me in a couple of minutes...

Honestly, I don't get why @debian insists on building Maxima on GNU Common Lips which has been dead for some years. We keep having memory issues. Luckily Maxima themselves provide a SBCL based package.

@NYbill what's your parents address then? I'll pop round to have a look. ;) /cc @theru

@perloid I don't know yet how they'll do it at the new place but I assume it will be similar.

@perloid I just thought I can't take a few days of just weeks after starting the new job. But that's three months in, that might work out.

@perloid Wait... You wrote October. I read August. This changes everything. I might even make it..

@perloid sadly no because I start the new job in August. I might make it to the alternative OggCamp in Glasgow, though /cc @ghostdancer

@ghostdancer that is 100% planned and intended. I like teaching but it's time for something new.

Now it's official: My last semester as a maths teacher will start shortly. After this I'll work as a Linux/Unix admin (ok, Systems Engineer sounds a lot better...)

@pla yeah, I really don't ubderstand why they schedule a lunar eclipse on a cloudy day. Don't they have some planning routines to avoid this.... ;-)

@pla I cycled to work this morning in the hopes that I would see the moon. Sadly it was cloudy all the way.

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