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Beni Grind

@theru lool, I honestly don't know why I typed monday. I meant Sunday. Guess I'm getting old... ;)

Another warm sunny Monday. I wouldn't mind if winter came back early this year ;)

@theru @sullybiker sorry I confused things. I thought you were talking about keeping track of the connections to be able to route everything back to the correct device.

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@theru @sullybiker here every internet access you get over the mobile networks is nat-ed. Guess we'll just end up with loads of interconnected little internets, all based on v4 and logging connections.

@theru @sullybiker Yeah, but if someone in this meeting where they discussed the replacement asked whether this could be replaced with something that support ipv6, it would now....

@sullybiker yeah, considering that ipv6 had its 20th birthday sometime ago makes one wonder what's taking so long to implement it. I'm guessing that almost every little piece of network infrastructure has been replaced at least once in those 20+ years.

@sullybiker I called a local IPS the other they to ask when they plan to roll out IPv6. They told me they have no plans to do so...

After designing a new logo (which I'm exceptionally bad at) I'm off to bed.

@dokuja I destroyed several Gatorskins in no time, no good experiences there. I generally stick to Schwalbe. Either Durano or Marathon these days. They used to have an awesome tyre but I forgot its name ;)

@dokuja yep, I just had to replace it a couple of weeks ago. I need to get stronger ones, those light weight tyres aren't for me...

Not the best of all days....

@theru @silkevicious not sure where this comes from, we're supposed to be Celts.

@silkevicious I think I have some Nordic ancestors I don't know about. I like most of their food and hate anything above 20ยฐC....

@silkevicious it's definitely not something everyone likes. It's very much a Nordic/Swedish thing. I love it, but you have to like salty food and fish to like it.

@silkevicious the food department is my favourite part of IKEA. Make sure to buy some Kalles!