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Forget everything I said about British trains, French trains are the worst. They are trying to fit reservations of coach 8, 18 and 28 in one coach. Interestingly there aren't enough seats.

Honestly, the person who thought it was a good idea to put pianos in train stations should be punished severely.

@perloid I missed the second part off your post. It was great to see you and your kids again, too. Hope we'll meet again at OggCamp in another year or so.

@perloid me neither. It's just rumors I've been told...

@perloid isn't Virgin the one which almost lost its license?

@perloid every ScotsRail train was generally pretty good. It's only the Caledonian Sleeper which is far from acceptable.

If you ever consider traveling to Scotland in the Caledonian Sleeper, let me give you a piece of advice: DON'T. It's the most horrid night train ever and you can easily get a ticket for the next day and a hotel for the same price! If you want to travel in a nice night train, come to Europe!

@dick_turpin no, I couldn't fit both Podcrawl Glasgow and Oggcamp into my holidays. It's one week too late for me.

Drinking and waiting for the Caledonian Sleeper to London. Got another couple of hours to kill....

@dick_turpin I could rename back to navigium if that helps.. ;)

We're now back in Edinburgh. Getting the bicycles on the train worked flawlessly - with the reservation. I saw others being turned away....

@perloid It should have been obvious that on a Saturday all the roadies and mountain biker take their bicycles somewhere. The lady at the station told me it wouldn't be a problem on a regular working day. It's the same in Switzerland, really....

@forteller make sure you don't host too many complex services yourself, managing it all can easily become a full time job. Start small, one service at a time.

Huge kudos to @smj for all of the awesome and dedicated work he's done for @SDF over the years! ๐ŸŽ†๐Ÿ’ป

Today the typical Scottish summer is back.... And I didn't know it was that hard to get bicycles on trains from Inverness to Edinburgh.

@fence Im Flachland chรถnnds es irgendwie.

@fence ja, das Dorf isch aber nid im Kanton Schwyz.

Fibre, in Scotland, in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile in Schwyz, Switzerland they don't even manage to get fibre to the center of town.