@fence this sucks. Just tell them it isn't possible. ;)

@fence So what format do you suggest to save documents intended for printing? Postscript?

@fence me neither. I tried to convince people that we could have visualizers connected to the projectors in every room. For some reason they prefer OHPs. /cc @c25l

@c25l At the school where I work a lot of teaches still insist on having a OHP in every classroom. So this would be totally feasible.

Usually I create slideshows using one or multiple tools of [OrgMode, LaTeX Beamer, Slidy, Reveal.js]. Today I learned that one can also create slideshows using Racket. This got to be the most obscure way to create a slideshow! (Any challengers?)

@NYbill @theru I'm not convinced that this is a technique I want to learn - considering I live in a quite rocky area... ;)

I spent ages to find out why certain ports aren't blocked by my servers firewall even though the rules were correct - until I traced the route on said ports and realized that my mobile provider reroutes the traffic on said ports.

@chalkahlom @perloid I'm glad to be back now where my own garden needs some attention..

@chalkahlom @perloid being called a fediverse-oldtimer makes me feel old... ;)

@perloid @chalkahlom Yes, we had a great evening with interesting, nerdy chats ;)

Second night in Budapest. Tomorrow a meeting with @chalkahlom is on the schedule. Another one of the old days I finally get to meet in person.

@maiki Ok, you are either a mutt user and tell me to use mutt or you're a mathematician/programmer letting me know that my "or"-statement ist true... - or both. ;)

I just installed on Seamonkey only to realize that they completely dumbed down the interface. Is there a way to get the old mode back or has the time come to switch back to ?

An article about the Public Access UNIX System from the National Public Radio:

"In Noisy Digital Era, 'Elegant' Internet Still Thrives" n.pr/IuZ7VQ

(audio of the podcast also available on the site)

Please join our online community (go to sdf.org for more info) and follow @SDF !! πŸ€“πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Today I learned that Windows Home Edition doesn't come with Bitlocker. Honestly, why would anyone use such a pile of crap? LUKS ist free. And the whole operating system around LUKS is free, too.

Finally! My server and hence Hubzilla on grindcore.ch is back online!

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