@clacke I don't know. I listen to most of the podcasts on the bicycle and I don't want other humans present on my bicycle, I hate tandems....

@silkevicious Right now I'm drinking tea because I already had too much coffee... (I'm getting old. When I was young there was no such thing as "to much coffee"... ;) )

I spent most of today's afternoon pulling out legacy tv and telephone cables and trying to squeeze in legacy cat5e cables - because anything newer wouln't fit...

@catalina I read Absolute OpenBSD a few years back. I'm sure it will be as good.

!listening to Death Breath. It's always good to to listen to some old school death metal with a clean drum without triggers... :)

@morph The very same. Except that it wasn't a squad car. It was a police officer in his private car on the way to work.

Hmm, doesn't come with and - guess switching might be a bigger project after all.

@rpcutts I rode my bicycle into the car because the driver didn't see me cut me off. @dick_turpin @silkevicious

@dick_turpin I already broke my shoulder, that's why I can't go skiing. Apparently cars are stronger than my body. Who would have guessed... /cc @silkevicious

@dick_turpin Theoretically I could have taken the day off. But it isn't worth it if I can't go skiing... /cc @silkevicious

@fence I don't have any jobs to offer - unless you work for a piece of bread and some water.

That's an ok place to have lunch on a day like this...

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