@johnnynull Interesting. Didn't get that one before. I have to look into it. It's still a bit shaky and rough. But I'm getting there.

Looks like I won't come back for some time: I'm over at wirebug.ch/beni - follow me there if you want to

@timttmy might have been right. My instance already looks a lot better. You'll probably hear more of me as @beni

@theru I couldn't find anything in the documentation of the config file templates. Neither for bots not boots ;) @timttmy

@timttmy @theru thanks for the hint. I received a post in my whole network timeline from a spam bot in no time, but not from people I follow.. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of this post...

I got my own instance now. Federation doesn't seem to be working yet.... I tried to follow @theru as a test... wirebug.ch/beni

@neb @Purism I couldn't find anything on their website about this. I fear it won't be powerful enough to compete with iPads and Surfaces.

Trying to fix my game box which always includes wresting with the proprietary nvidia drivers.

@clacke That's what I like about jails. They're like containers that can run more than one process.

@clacke ok, so I'll run nginx along with cron and dehydrated or whatever in one container, correct?

@xj9 @clacke yep this sound about right the path I'm on right now....

@clacke but everyone tells you how you're not supposed to run multiple services in the same container.

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