That's totally cheating! A steam train is supposed to steam, not to be pulled by a electric engine....

I'm sitting next to the train tracks waiting for a steam train which supposedly passes here within the next 30 minutes....

Fibre, in Scotland, in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile in Schwyz, Switzerland they don't even manage to get fibre to the center of town.

His famous last words were: "Only over my dead body you will build that road."

When the data model and reality don't coincide and reality has to be adapted...

@timttmy do you known the beer we're having in Edinburgh?

Eurostar even offers a place to reassemble your bike!

Can you spot the singer of the band on this picture?

A nice helps getting started with all the work I should get done today.

One last beer and some music from our hosts record collection. Swiss German

Home sweet home... Guess you've seen 200 versions of this picture by now.

Luckily there are still huge amounts of snow in the Swiss alps to go skiing....

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