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The pub was pubbed. And the guys reluctantly, after months of trying, got me on Signal.

/me shakes his fist like a luddite

What is wrong with IRC!

@nybill I'm on signal :-) nice encryption
it's even an app in chrome. Downside is you have to register with your phone number (probably b/c you can use it as an sms app)

@theru Yes, my buddy BspaMike was setting that up at the LUG today. He sent me a message from his laptop to my phone.

(he doesn't wear as much tin foil as you and i.) ;)

Beni Grind @beni

@NYbill @theru Is there a way to use Signal without Google services and without sharing my address book with them? I don't mind using my phone number to register.

@NYbill I don't think you can avoid the sharing of your phone book - I think they were migrating away from the google services but not sure (given it's also an app in chrome).

@theru @NYbill that's a pity. Sharing my phone book is a no-go, so Signal is still not for me. By Swiss law I would have to ask permission from everyone in my phone book before I'm allowed to share their personal details with third parties.

@beni @theru I didn't get the feeling that Signal itself had much to do with the Goog. Sure, the Chrome app does.

...then again, I'm brand new to the whole thing.

@nybill @beni it does use some of the Google infrastructure AFAIK (at least in countries that has blocked signal it uses Google to sircumvent that)
@theru IIRC uses the android/gplay services backend for pushing the messages, the goog sees all the metadata @nybill @beni
@nybill @theru @beni  It looks like now they only use play services to wake up the phone but the backend is outside
@nybill, @beni yeah I think they moved away from the google services.

@theru @NYbill @ghostdancer still it probably won't work on a phone without Google apps installed.

@theru but you need the apple equivalent of gapps, whatever is called, to work @nybill @beni
I wonder is it possible to 'signup' using just the chrome extension? (I am also using it, even got some apple phone using relatives to use it)