Soon I'm on the train to Berlin. It's rare that I get to go on a work trip abroad...

Wouldn't it have been easier flying ?

@theru absolutely, unless you are me who hates flying and loves overnight trains - especially the ones with a bar that sells

aaa :) they stopped the overnight train from here to Berlin. So me going would be by regular train and that would sux.

@theru some years ago they got rid of the night train from here to Copenhagen. That's sad, now I have to fly to Sweden to go cycle touring...

there might still be a night train to Copenhagen. If you came by ferry

@theru there is no ferry from Zurich to Copenhagen, not enough water....

@beni heh but there is from Germany to Denmark :-) Rødby - Puttgarden

@theru But in the end I want to go to Norway or Sweden. I'm sure there are direct ferries, right?

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