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I hate to be negative, but this is simply typical of modern society: selfish, you can't even hope we are pleasant to one another with some people
@kevie don't worry. it's not negative - it's realistic. In every group of ppl you have at least 3% of… idiots.

@grmpyoldman I'm Swiss, we're naturally born with high intolerance levels. ;)

@hikerus @grmpyoldman @beni That's genetics. You can't fight your swiss gene. Which is patented by Novartis, of course. 😉

Of course, it's getting complicated, as long as some so called swiss people are born without this gene, and some unfortunately non swiss people have it. Biology and politics aren't so well synchronised. Maybe we could fix it with a law.
@igor I don't think this is true... There is no "swiss gene". It's a social and not a genetic question.  @grmpyoldman @beni
@hikerus @grmpyoldman @beni 😄 That was of course ironic. I don't beleive in such dumb foolishness…

@hikerus absolutely. Maybe it only affects the German speaking population, though. ;-) @grmpyoldman