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@theru LOL, those shirts were terrible! :P

I did noticed you put a zip-up sweater on about 10min in. ;)

@timttmy @beni @perloid

Beni Grind @beni

@NYbill @theru @timttmy @perloid I think I got rid of that shirt right when I got home... ;)

@beni @perloid @timttmy @theru "I've been to OGGCamp. It was a fight." -q Beni

@theru @timttmy @perloid @beni That might have been, "I went to OGGCamp, it was a fight."

I just always remembered that, Beni. It made me LOL.

@perloid @beni @theru @timttmy Ha ha! So that was Theru that said that. Its a good thing we documented all this nonsense. :P

@timttmy @theru @beni @perloid Heh, I am listening to this now. It is like a recorded memory... that only 4 people would find interesting. :P

@perloid @beni @theru @timttmy Those people from New York, they do tend to casually swear a lot. ;)

@perloid @nybill @timttmy @theru @beni I'm listening now as well sounds strange when hpr is running at x1 :-)

@theru @beni @perloid @timttmy I forgot I ripped the good iron on off of your t-shirt at first! Listen to you guys trash talk me when I leave! LOL