Now it's official: My last semester as a maths teacher will start shortly. After this I'll work as a Linux/Unix admin (ok, Systems Engineer sounds a lot better...)

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@beni It's that what you wanted? Or do you prefer teaching?

@ghostdancer that is 100% planned and intended. I like teaching but it's time for something new.

@beni @ghostdancer Yes, congratulations. Does that mean you can make it to OggCamp 19 (19/20 October, Manchester)? 😉

@perloid sadly no because I start the new job in August. I might make it to the alternative OggCamp in Glasgow, though /cc @ghostdancer

@beni Shame you can't make it. Maybe another year.
Still, it will be good if you can manage
/cc @ghostdancer

@perloid Wait... You wrote October. I read August. This changes everything. I might even make it..

@beni I assumed you were saying you didn't have much leave immediately after joining your new employment in August. If you are able to make it that would be very cool.

@perloid I just thought I can't take a few days of just weeks after starting the new job. But that's three months in, that might work out.

@beni The university I worked at would apportion leave to new starts according to the number of days left in the "leave year" and the annual allowance. That algorithm must be locked into my brain!

@perloid I don't know yet how they'll do it at the new place but I assume it will be similar.

@beni Funnily enough, I'm going to a meeting this afternoon with a customer looking to take out maintenance with us. I've known him a long time and said:
"The only reason you want this is so you can speak to me more often?"

We both laughed loudly.

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