I can't believe that there are still spam mails offering search engine registration. After all earch engine registration stopped being a thing by the end of the 90's.

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@beni If you’re not interested in seo then send me all your money to invest in bitcoin. It is very good and hip.

@morph I had some bit coin. I exchanged them for bicycles - a more reliable longterm investment and more fun to play with.

@beni @morph If any of you need more I have like 0.09 Bitcoins since the time they were not a scam. Pity I didn't change them last year but they will rest there till the end of time. I also have some Dogecoins :-)

@ghostdancer @beni This science fiction stuff is not made for me. Sad enough that the cash in my pocket itself depends on totally insane processes.

@morph I bought like 30€ just to mess with it, next day price was half , I left them and last year with the fever I checked them but never exchange them @beni

@ghostdancer @morph I like it from a technologic standpoint but generally it's a huge waste of energy - in a time when we should be reducing energy usage to limit global warming.

@morph @ghostdancer environmentally the bicycles are a more sensible investment.. ;)

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