@theru still looking for our Cornish friend? Did he disappear?

@beni :) it seems like I did disappear from his timeline. I probably should have a look at my configuration. Only seems to be people on gnusocial that has this problem

@theru oh, I'm sure that's just the first tiny effect of brexit. First you disappear and then all of Europe.. ;-) /cc @timttmy

@beni Hopefully not :) luckily getting to Newquay doesn't take that long than it's to a pub near @timttmy for a pint
@theru @beni brexit can be blamed for many many things :D
Personally, as we are leaving weather I like it or not (still undecided BTW) I'm hoping for the Swiss model. You guys don't seem to have it too bad down there ;)

@timttmy There is a major difference between the UK and Switzerland: We are part of Schengen, you are not. So crossing UK borders after Brexit won't be as easy as crossing Swiss borders from an EU country.
/cc @theru

@beni last time I crossed the Swiss border a man with a gun made me buy a Vignette :D
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