You know what, cars suck! This morning I was cut off by a police officer on his way to work. He didn't see me... And I spent most of todays morning in the hospital - luckily nothing serious happened.

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I'm so looking forward to self driving cars. Even the worst software can't drive a car crappier than humans do...

@beni I'm glad I live in a place where I can take the train when I need it and drive once or twice a month. Especially when I get to be my dad's age, I really don't want to live in a place where I gotta worry about driving just to go places.

More 🚆 !

@djsumdog but yes, I love trains. My ideal world would only consist of trains, cyclists and pedestrians.

@djsumdog Ok, maybe add some motorbikes and electric bicycles... ;)


Jeez! Glad you are OK too. He didn't see you but I'm sure his dashcam did. Don't they review those things?

@claudiom @pla He was on his way to work in his private car. So there are no dash cam images. Well, at least he admitted his fault right away - which still doesn't heal my shoulder any faster.

@beni Well, good that at least he admitted it and apologized, but yeah it would have been best if he had been careful from the start. Hope you get better soon.

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