Whenever I read this storied of people who have been using Linux for a [year, month, week] and are dying to tell you how great this is, I feel really old. Could please someone say that they started using Linux in 1989...

@ParadeGrotesque good enough, since I first installed Linux one or two years later.... ;)

@beni Not 1989, but early 90s with SLS on 0.99pl11.
That's old enough... ;)

@beni Prrrrrobably not. I don't think it was invented then. But I think I was using Slack in like '94, if it makes you feel any better? Linux on floppies, mmm.


I converted to gnu/linux around 2002. Oldish maybe.

Makes me smile to hear new users enjoying the experience.

@beni I think I started using it in 96 or 97. Probably Slackware.

I'm usually glad people are excited, but I agree it can be tiring. I'm more interested in what people do *with* their Linux (or BSD, etc.) computers.

@cev I don't remember whether SUSE or Red Hat was my first Linux - those were the two CD rom sets that were widely available here.

Not that early, i started 1995. It was the Suse distribution. It felt so cool, reading all those boot messages, which looked so similar to the sinix system...

Even Linus didn't start using Linux until 1991. 😁

I started using Linux on my Amiga in probably 1994.

It's really great, you should try it! There is no need for a separate terminal program, you can use the `chat` program directly from e.g. the `ppp` program to establish the modem connection to your ISP. And there is no separate AmiTCP equivalent to install, PPP and SLIP support is there directly in the kernel.

The drawback is that there is no GUI yet, but I mean, you're mostly on IRC and Usenet anyway, and Gopher and the WWW is mostly text too, at least the serious pages.

There's an m68k port of XFree86 called XFree68, but I haven't tried to make it work yet.

@clacke I'm sure at least Chuck Norris must have used Linux before 91, right? He installed it on a brick wall with his bare hands...

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