If you ever consider traveling to Scotland in the Caledonian Sleeper, let me give you a piece of advice: DON'T. It's the most horrid night train ever and you can easily get a ticket for the next day and a hotel for the same price! If you want to travel in a nice night train, come to Europe!

@beni That's very sad. I hoped your UK train experiences would be better than mine have been in the last 30 years or so, but obviously not.
Still, it was great to see you!

@perloid every ScotsRail train was generally pretty good. It's only the Caledonian Sleeper which is far from acceptable.

@beni That's a Virgin Rail thing I think. I haven't had good experiences with them overall - though I'm using them on Friday to get to OggCamp...

@perloid isn't Virgin the one which almost lost its license?

@beni I believe so but I'm not fully up to speed with their status

@perloid I missed the second part off your post. It was great to see you and your kids again, too. Hope we'll meet again at OggCamp in another year or so.

@beni Yes indeed, it'd be nice to meet up at OggCamp another year. Maybe next time we'll have an HPR table; not sure about this year.

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