Today the typical Scottish summer is back.... And I didn't know it was that hard to get bicycles on trains from Inverness to Edinburgh.

@beni Yes, distinctly chilly. I turned the car heater on for the trip to the gym this morning - the passengers were cold.
Sorry the Inverness/Edinburgh journey was more difficult than expected. I imagine the smaller trains can't cater for bikes, but would expect larger trains to have a storage location.

@perloid It should have been obvious that on a Saturday all the roadies and mountain biker take their bicycles somewhere. The lady at the station told me it wouldn't be a problem on a regular working day. It's the same in Switzerland, really....

@beni OK, I see. I guess it's a case of booking well ahead then. I booked by tickets to Sheffield for the August OggCamp in May to get the £80 price rather than the £250 price they can charge at other times.

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