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green_ascii_skull @beni

Sitting on a Eurostar to London being slightly amused that they boast about the tunnels length. I live only 1hr from a longer tunnel.... ;-)

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@beni I can't believe how controversial that thing was back in the day. It was crazy.

@sullybiker Yeah, I think the controversy mostly was about how the tunnel is dug under the sea. We never have huge disputes about tunnel digging since we only have mountains to bore through - even though it doesn't really make a difference.

@beni I took my kids on a holiday in 2004 where we spent a week in London then took the Eurostar to Paris for a week. I'd made a big fuss about travelling in a train under the sea but I guess I over-sold it and it was an anti-climax. London & Paris were cool though 😃

@perloid don't worry, this happened to my father, too, when he took me on the Eurostar for the first time... ;) it wasn't not nearly as amazing as I expected it to be..