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green_ascii_skull @beni

This is easily the most important post on the forum for ages. Pat Volkerding is in trouble.

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@beni Oh shit, thanks for the heads up.
@beni This is going to be one of those cases where he ends up with more money than he knows what to do with.

@sullybiker If he finds a way to collect those donations himself....

@beni As an aside it's interesting to see PAM finally making it's way into mainline Slackware.

@sullybiker true, however it didn't sound all that definitive to me. He's merely considering it.

@notclacke @sullybiker honestly, I wouldn't mind PAM even though I'm fine without.

@beni Someone on the Devuan mailing list pointed to this update in the Slackware changelog:

"Fri Jul 27 21:01:22 UTC 2018
Hey folks, my first order of business here needs to be a huge thank you to everyone who has donated at to help keep this project going."

(All the communication channels for this seem slightly obscure.)

@galaxis that's a great place to post this! Every Slackware user reads at least the Changelog.

@beni To sum this one up:

You can donate directly to the Slackware project at
or just send money through Paypal to volkerdi at